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The most helpful tool to boost your Freelancing Career – Facebook Ads

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Facebook is the largest social media in the world and you probably have an account at some point in your life, but if you are not using their advertising platform, your freelancing career is missing out. Whether you run a blog or an eCommerce store, you will need to advertise your products(blog) to your customers in order to make sales or make money from your blog. According to Facebook’s third quarter of 2019 report, there are 2.45 million active users on the site, out of which about 1.56 billion of them log in every day to check their profiles, which is a huge number for any online platform, but its an opportunity to seize on as a Freelancer.

Facebook’s advertising platform is the perfect tool for you and your business

If you remember Facebook’s slogan on the signup section, it used to say “It’s free and will always be free”, but that is not the case at all. Facebook sales users information to advertisers – who will use that information to target audiences for their product or services. And Facebook actually makes a ridiculous amount of money through advertising revenue. That is probably why the company decided to quietly change the slogan to “It’s quick and easy”, as a freelancer it’s a win-win situation for both you and Facebook, you will pay to advertise on the platform and the company makes the targeting, delivery and access quick and easy for you. As you increase your budget for a particular ad, you will reach more people, thus increased traffic to your website and if you did everything right you can make more money.

Facebook Ads is the perfect tool to boost your freelancing career to the next level, in addition to the familiar personal and business pages, there is a whole different page curated for advertising purposes called business manager, on which you can perfect your advertising goals, audience selection, and other parameters for a successful campaign. Facebook ads open many doors of opportunities for anyone who wants to make it as a freelancer, here are some of the opportunities and challenges of using Facebook advertising.

You can freelance as a Social media marketer, even run an Agency

In recent years there has been a shift from traditional to digital marketing, mainly due to the favorable cost of ads, larger reach, effectiveness, advanced targeting and return on investment. Companies are increasing their budget on their budgets for digital advertisement and small businesses have realized the importance of online & social media presence & what it can provide for their startup business. We are living in a technology era, customers are getting smarter by the day and people are researching products online, reading reviews before they make purchases, which makes digital marketing skills valuable. Some companies hire in house digital marketing teams to develop social media marketing strategies and advertise their own profiles, but most don’t want to get into the digital scene and that’s where you as freelance could come to fill the void. You can provide a social media marketing service, where you help the client create social media profiles, manage the accounts on behalf of them, reply to messages & comments and also boost posts to increase the reach of the social media account. I am from Ethiopia and Facebook is by far the largest social media, though Telegram & Instagram have a decent user base Facebook takes the largest share, with more than 5.5 million registered Ethiopians. I run a digital marketing agency in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and I have seen how Facebook ads benefit small and established businesses. Facebook advertising enables them;

  • Reach their core audience through targeted advertising.
  • Achieve immediate Advertising results.
  • Significantly build their brand awareness.
  • Build engagement with their target audience.
  • Measure the results of the Advertising Campaign.
  • Expand into new markets.
  • Rank on Search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo.
  • Increase their website traffic.

If you want to freelance as a social media marketer or Digital marketing agency, you will need to prepare a proposal, it shouldn’t be that complicated. A 2-page proposal that includes sections, such as About you or your company, How Facebook advertising could benefit the client, how effective could Facebook Ads can be, the Goal of the advertising campaign and most importantly service package & Payment terms. Every social media has organic and paid elements, and Facebook is not any different from them. If you are going to provide social media management service with only organic reach(no payment to Facebook required), you can charge your clients a fixed hourly or monthly price for the services provided by you. But if you are going to use paid advertising campaigns you will need to create a service package, I offer a service based on the number of a page like and Post reach. Here is how you can prepare a service package;

Facebook Page like – a Client will pay a fixed amount based on total number of likes

The goal of the campaign is to acquire new Facebook page likes for the client’s business page. You might ask, why would a client pay for a page like when they can advertise their business page with one click? This was exactly my question when I was starting out, but there are some values to be added if someone with expertise does it; you can create professional graphics, target audiences to save money and most of the time people don’t have a payment method accepted by Facebook. One thing you should consider in this package is that you should strictly mention to the client that you are not going to create a post to be posted on their timeline. And you can create a sliding payment offer, for example, 10,000-page likes with 199 USD, 15,000-page likes with 249 USD etc.

Facebook Post reach –  a client will pay a fixed amount based on total post reach within a period of time

The goal of the campaign is to show the clients services & posts to targeted Facebook users. With post reach, the client can measure how many people were exposed to a particular post or ad campaign. People will not always click on links embedded in the post, but more people will likely engage with the page, write comments or send messages. One thing you will need to explain to your client is that post reach is different from impression; Impression may include multiple views of advertisements by the same people. However, Post Reach is the number of unique people who saw a specific Advertisement at least once. The same as a page like you can offer sliding payment terms, 300K people reached with 229 USD, 500K with 299 USD etc.

In both of the packages, it will be reasonable to offer Graphics design, monthly analytics report, and moderation of messages & comments. Personally I feel using promote page or boost a post features of Facebook platform to make money is a little unethical & I see no value-added with the service, I would rather manage a client’s Ad account & provide targeting and cost minimization services, but it doesn’t work like that on the real world. Most clients don’t know how Facebook advertising works let alone create an ad account – plus it’s difficult for them to find an online payment method accepted by Facebook for them. So if you have to provide a digital marketing service, offering professional services like graphics along with ad campaigns will add some value to the service.

Why is an online payment method an issue for clients, which ones does Facebook accept?

If you are from a country with limited online financial infrastructure, Advertising on Facebook could be difficult. Facebook provides many options for advertisers from Europe, US, or countries with good online financial infrastructure. However, for some countries, the payment options are very limited, I sometimes think Facebook ads are meant only for selected countries; I mean they know there are no MasterCard, Visa or Paypal accounts in Ethiopia for example, but they expect you to find one. As a freelancer from Africa, I use Payoneer – an online payment method that provides an ATM card(Prepaid MasterCard), but Facebook doesn’t want you to use it. It’s a prepaid card, I know it can’t function the same way as Debit card, but as long as it makes the necessary transaction Facebook should have accepted it. Anyways if you want to advertise on the platform you will need to find an acceptable payment method, the best option is to ask relatives abroad for a Paypal account or Card connected to their bank account, not ideal but it does work. Sometimes Facebook will give you ad credits, but it’s rare.

As a Freelancer you should use Facebook insight, to save money

What makes Facebook advertising powerful is not the fact that you can reach targeted audiences with minimum budget, but the ability to measure the success of your ad campaign. This is not possible with traditional ads, for example, you can’t precisely measure the results of a Radio, TV or Banner ads, but on Facebook, you will get a detailed report of the ad campaign; page like, post reach, video views, click on links, demographics of users and many more. By using data inside Facebook insights you will understand the best time of the day to post, which posts of yours are popular and which doesn’t do well with the targeted audience. This will help you save money on the next ad campaign.

What is Facebook business manager and why use it?

Facebook business manager is a portal within the main platform developed aiming business owners and agencies. According to the company, the business manager allows advertisers to manage all of their marketing efforts in one place, share roles between their team, vendors or agencies. When I started out with Facebook ads, the one ad account associated with my profile was enough to advertise my blog, but over time I wanted to have more ad account and also created several fan pages, which was kind of messy to manage with only one ad account. That’s when I found out about business manager, to be honest, there was another reason too, my ad account was disabled for a reason I don’t even know and I had no choice but look for a way to create another ad account. In your personal Facebook profile, you can only create one ad account, but in the business manager, you can create multiple ad accounts. In the business manager, you can quickly find all of your pages, ad accounts, the roles assigned by other people, payments made to Facebook for ads and you will have detailed targeting options. Once you get used to the business manager, you won’t click the “Boost Now” button on your fan page, though it saves you time boosing a post not using the business manager will cost you money.

Facebook advertising is a must-have tool for your freelancing career, it will definitely take your business or services to the next level. Trafic is like air for any online business, without it you won’t acquire users or customers. It’s not a must that you advertise through Facebook to drive traffic to your blog or Shopify store, you can achieve it by using search engine optimization, but it will take time to rank your website on the search engines. With Facebook ads the results are instant, you start an advertisement campaign and you will see results immediately after your ad is approved by Facebook. In addition to that even if you are patient & want to do it through organic traffic by SEO, you will need an initial push, which can be done easily through Facebook ads.

I hope you find this information very helpful, I could write in detail on how you can use the platform and manage successful ad campaigns but there are other blogs and youtube channels that provide in-depth information about it and it will only be a repetition. If you find this post useful feel free to leave your feedback or Contact me, you can also the comment section to ask questions – I will try to answer within a reasonable time frame, I wish you a successful freelancing career and its very much possible with Facebook ads. Thank you for reading!

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