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The internet has changed how we communicate and work. Nowadays, if you have a laptop and a good internet connection you can earn money online in many different ways! Truly, there are real ways to make money online – millions of people are doing it each day. Your goals will determine the best way for you to make money online, some might take more time to set up, but the result is just as fruitful as any other job. Want to make money online this year? Here are realistic ways to make money online.


Blogging can help you make money online and have the flexibility to work from where ever you want. There are many successful bloggers who make a living out of it – a very good one in fact, and it could be an alternative career path for you too. Here are the steps you can take to start your blog:

But first of all, how can you make money with your Blog? The best ways to make money online using your blog are AFFILIATE Marketing and DISPLAY Advertising. With Affiliate marketing you make money by promoting other peoples(companies) products on your blog & you will earn a commission from every sale that was made using your link. And display advertising companies pay you when readers of your blog interact with the images & Videos advertised on your blog. Google Adsense is the best advertising network for beginners.

Choose the Right Blog Niche

Start your blog on subjects that you have experience on or something that you want to learn about. It’s good to write about your interests and passions, but if you want to make money blogging you should focus more on what people are searching for online. Online tools like Google Trends or Pinterest can help you find blog content ideas that people would like to read.

Select your Domain Name

Domain name is another name for the URL of your website, i.e. the name that comes before .com, .net ; although not a fundamental to your blogs success it could be a key factor. Don’t over think the process of choosing your Blog Name/Domain, just think of a memorable name that is easy to spell and avoid special characters like hyphens or numbers inside the name.

You will need to sign up for a web hosting services to register your Blog name and also store your blog content data, to get your website live so that people can visit your website online. There are many web hosting service providers and Bluehost is the best option, you will get FREE domain name registration for the first year. Go to >>>  Choose Basic Plan(You can upgrade later) >>> Create a new  Domain name(the one you already chosen/another alternative if that specific name is taken) >>> Create your account.

Install WordPress and Pick a Theme

WordPress is the best blog platform for beginners, and BlueHost will help you install the application automatically in just one click from your account dashboard. You should make your website clean and attractive for readers, which you can achieve by choosing the right WordPress Theme. Start with FREE themes and you can upgrade to Paid themes as your blog grows. You can find unique or custom made website templates on Etsy or themeforest. You should check how a WordPress theme is going to look on mobile phones, as more than half of website visitors are using mobiles to read your content.

Install Some Useful WordPress Plugins

Plugins are useful tools that can be installed easily to extend your websites features and improve performance. For example, a Plugin called Yoast SEO will help you optimize your content for Google and other search engines, while Image Optimizer plugins help you speed up the time it takes for your blog post to load for users.

Work on Getting Readers to your Blog

Google Traffic(Organic Traffic)

The best way to get Readers/Traffic to your website is through Google, i.e. people can find your blog after making a search for a specific subject. This is called Organic traffic(which you don’t have to pay money for it) and is the best option to make money online blogging. However, it takes time and a little bit more strategic work to achieve. Here are some tips to get your blog post rank on Google search;

  • Focus each of your blog post on a specific main keyword(Words people use to make a search).
  • Include these Keywords in the Title of your post.
  • Add the keyword to the first paragraph of your post.
  • Use headings H2 & H3 as a subheading inside your post and add the keywords.

Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest can be a great source of getting readers/Traffic to your website. Since it is a social media that is specifically designed to share your blog post links inside your pins. You can start sharing pictures from your blog post(make sure the size is good for Pinterest) and also pin them on Group boards. You can also use paid advertising on Pinterest to get quick results.

Facebook & Instagram Traffic

You can use Facebook and Instagram to let people know about your blog. Facebook could be a good starting point especially if you use the paid advertising services.

Analyze your Traffic and Posts

Dedicate the time to analyze data about your readers, posts that are performing well, source of your traffic and total page views. Install Google Analytics on your blog and check your websites performance more often.

And finally, Treat your blog as a business and always strive to improve. Take courses that can help you better strategize for new content or social media campaign. Blogging is not an exact science, its more of a trial and error process. Take action NOW! and then get feedback from your action, improve, you will surely make money online from your Blog.


Shopify is a subscription-based software that allows you to set up an online store and sell products online. It is commerce platform that offers a way to quickly launch your dream business and start selling to your customers, wherever they are. And if you want to customize your store or even build it from the ground up, the Shopify App Store will make that easy to do.

As a beginner Dropshipping business model is the best option. What is Dropshipping? Dropshipping is a business model with a lower-risk approach for independent businesses to test out new product ideas (and product lines) without having to own and pay for the product up front. Your costs will be Shopify monthly plan which is 29USD/month. Shopify is FREE for the first 14 days and you can get a domain name for less than 20 USD from Shopify, Google or Godaddy.

With Dropshipping?

  • You don’t take any inventory risks.
  • You can build a branded store.
  • You can test out your products .

Once you set up your Dropshipping shopify store and get customers, suppliers will ship the items for you with their own logo, which they will do it professionally with good packaging. When you actually get a paying customer on your shopify store, then you will make the payment for your supplier. Risk FREE!

For example, If you charge  50USD on your store, you pay your supplier 20USD, which makes you a profit of 30USD. And if you spent some money on advertising you will get a decent net profit.

How much start up money do you need?

About 100USD can be enough, since you don’t need to pay your supplier upfront, you only pay when order is made on your store. You can find Dropshipping suppliers on Aliexpress, you might ask why customers themselves cant go and buy directly from these suppliers? Well, if you give these products a brand of your own customers will choose to buy them from brand store, because customers need quality and quality only comes with a brand.

How can you choose the perfect product?

You target market should be on a passionate niche where there are dedicated customers for these products. For example, products related to Pets, Camping, Hiking, Gardening, Eco friendly products, beauty, jewelry, etc. The products you choose needs to have;

  • A wow factor.
  • Great quality & great designs.
  • Must be found on Aliexpress & Alibaba.

How to find a good Dropshipping Supplier?

  • Make sure the supplier have millions in revenue per year.
  • Make sure they have been in the business for at least 2 years.
  • Contact at least 5 suppliers a minimum.
  • Try to differentiate Manufactures from Traders.
  • Tell them you are looking for a long term relationship.

What questions do you need to ask to suppliers?

  1. Do you offer Blind Dropshipping?

Blind dropshipping is a shipping service without sending any invoice & associated marketing material to customers, i.e Customers will not see the actual cost of the item and Chinese texts.

  1. Do you offer Bulk Dropshipping?

With bulk Dropshipping you will only need to send them order excel sheet to suppliers and they will fulfil each order individually.

  1. Minimum order quantity required for each product?
  2. Are you able to apply my logo on the product?
  3. Do you offer Epacket shipping?

Epacket is a trade agreement between the US & China, which is slightly faster method of shipping from China. DHL is faster, about 3-5days but it’s too expensive for Dropshipping store.


Becoming a freelancer is a fast and affordable way to start making money online. Freelancing done on the side around your job, can be a good way to generate extra income. It’s affordable to start if you already have the skills and equipment to do the job. There are many freelancing platforms and if you want to get started freelancing, Upwork is the easiest place to start.


Upwork is a marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers around the world for small or long term jobs and gigs.  And the relationships you make are your connection points for future work. Here are some of the pros of working on Upwork;

  • Escrow protection – according to Upwork, escrow is a neutral holding place where they put money aside until the project, or piece of the project, is done. You will be guaranteed to get paid after a job is successfully completed.
  • Convenient Earning withdrawal options – You have several withdrawal options; Transfer to Local bank account, Payoneer Master Card, Wire Transfer and Paypal.
  • Upwork enables you to tracks all of your projects & Payments which lets you focus on your work.

Upwork jobs are segmented into two different types:

  1. Hourly

For these jobs, clients often specify a range of how many hours of weekly work they’re looking for, as well as a price range. If you are providing value to your clients, these contracts are easily expandable, resulting in more work for you and happier clients.

  1. Fixed Rate

Fixed rate jobs are ones that have clear outlined, one-time deliverables.

As a beginner you should focus on simple jobs that require little to no experience, so that you don’t have to compete with experienced freelancer. Here are some of the beginner friendly jobs on Upwork.

Location-Based Jobs

Some jobs posted on Upwork require someone to be in a particular country to do the job. What makes these an easy job is because it is specific and location-based and therefore it reduces the competition and increases your chances of getting hired and making money.

Language Related Jobs

One of the easiest jobs on Upwork probably involves the translation of content from one language to another. Translation is one of the most valuable skills that can make you money on Upwork and the ability to translate content from one language to another without distorting meaning is what’s expected.

Web and App Testing Jobs

Website and applications testing jobs are frequent and they are characterized by being easy, quick money and quick feedback jobs. All you need is to install and test the functionalities of the application.

Resources Based Jobs

Clients request for freelancers that have specific computer hardware, software or internet bandwidth to do a quick task on their behalf. For example, if you have access to a high-speed internet connection, you may find jobs that require quick download and re-upload of videos.

You can find jobs related to your field of study or career on Upwork, but you should expect competition from freelancers.

How to get your first Job on Upwork?

Your profile is one of the most essential factor for your success on the platform. You should focus on having a complete profile that can attract potential clients, just like you give extra care and attention to write a wining resume for job applications, you need to take the time to complete your Upwork profile. Which includes taking the Upwork readiness test.

Set up a wining Upwork Profile

  1. You need a high resolution photo

Your profile picture should be professional, high resolution & clear.

  1. Your title need to have the Keywords of the work you are going to do

This will help you rank on Upwork search engine, and clients will find you when they search for a specific skill.

  1. Start with a lower hourly rate

Upwork is not a a quick make money scheme, it needs patience! You should lower your asking rates at the beginning and gradually increase it as your value on the platform increases through reviews & feedbacks.

  1. Use the Video section for your advantage

Record a short video of yourself talking about your skills, services you offer in a friendly manner, which will help clients to get to know you a little bit better before they could decide to invite you for an interview.

  1. Write a Profile overview that stands out

The first few sentences of your Upwork profile overview shows up on search results, which helps clients make a decision to short list you for an interview. Understand that it’s not about U, but its about the Client! Make it focused on the client, how you are going to help them, how you are going to add value to their business.

  1. Specify your availability

You should let clients know how much work you can take on per week, it should be honest and accurate.

  1. Focus on getting 5 star reviews

Plan for the long run! Focusing on quality & deadline of deliveries by providing most possible value to a client will get you a good feedback & 5 star review. Which will get you more jobs in the future.

  1. Showcase your previous works on Portfolio section

You should take the time to showcase what ever previous work you have done that is related to the service you are trying to provide. Especially when you are a new freelancer & don’t have a review on the platform.

  1. Select Skills that match the service you are trying to provide

To be discovered on search results you need to optimize your profile and the skills you select will help you achieve that.

Search for Jobs and Apply fast

You need Connects to apply for jobs on Upwork. Connects are like Upwork’s virtual currency, you will get FREE connects when you successfully register as a freelancer on Upwork. And each job application will cost you connects which varies from one job post to another.

When clients post a job on Upwork they will be active for the first few hours, your goal should be to submit your proposal within the first few hours which will boost your chances of getting interviewed. By applying fast you can get noticed & interviewed quickly if you meet the clients requirements.

As a new freelancer you shouldn’t waste your Upwork connects on every single job that is posted, you should be selective, read the description of the job post and check the activity on the job. And finding a competitive advantage over other freelancers will definitely help, like checking for new jobs frequently – installing the Upwork mobile application is a good start.

Write a compelling cover letter for each application

  • Try to grab attention of the client
  • Include examples of your previous work
  • Mention some of the reasons that separates you from other freelancers
  • Always review your cover letter and double check for typo, spelling errors

Upwork is not for everyone, but it could be a great place for you if you are determined & persistent.


Print-on-demand (or POD) is an order fulfillment method where items are printed as soon as an order is made. Print-on-demand services offer an alternative way to bypass the time, investment, and risk associated with managing inventory, letting you go from creating to selling custom products at a fraction of the cost. Here are two print on demand service website where you can make money online. with these website you could potentially build an income stream, which includes Passive income or possibly a full time income.


Redbubble is a print on demand service, i.e. the print order will be processed once a customer places an order for that specific design. Print on demand services can be a passive income, because once you create your designs and list it on the website you will generate sales without a need for you to do extra work. The website allows you to make money by creating and selling custom product online, for example T-shirts, Phone Cases.

How can you make these products?

Once you create an account on, which is totally FREE, you can start uploading designs and art works of merchandise, which takes a few minuets. You can choose which products to list & sell online, you can also customize, color, style, tittle & custom product descriptions.

How are you going to make MONEY?

When a customer places an order on your products, Redbubble production warehouse will print your designs on to the product, T-shirt or Phone, then package it & ship it to the customer. Automatically without you doing anything. That’s when you will get a commission on each product you sell with Redbubble standard commission of 20%. Because you are getting paid on commission, Redbubble is FREE & you never have to pay Fee’s for the website. You might ask, I am not an artist or a creator? What you will need to know is that, you don’t really need to be an artist to make money on Redbubble, most successful sellers use simple designs which doesn’t require special skills & you can simply replicate these designs using a FREE online application called Canva.

How can you get Customers?

Social media followers or advertising can help, but its not necessary. Redbubble is a destination website just like ebay or Amazon, people visit the website looking for products they want to buy, so most of sellers on Redbubble make money from FREE traffic.

How can you get paid and Payment options?

Redbubble have two payment options, Bank deposit and Paypal. The Bank deposit option is restricted for certain countries, but you can use Payoneer account which lets you setup a virtual US bank account with working Routing number and bank name. You can contact customer support to ask for the bank details associated with your online account. The money you make on Redbubble will be deposited directly into your Payoneer account, which you can withdraw through ATM or local bank account.


This is Amazon’s print on demand service, for which you will need to submit an application. Similar to Redbubble you will need to upload designs or artwork and Amazon will create this products on behalf of you. Once you create your products people will be able to find them using Amazon search engine. You can set your price, tittle and description for the products. Amazon pays through Bank account, which includes Payoneer account.

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