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How to get internationally accepted MasterCard in Ethiopia

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Have you ever wanted to own a MasterCard in Ethiopia? A type of card that is accepted all over the world? A card connected to an online account that lets you make online payments & purchase items from online shops, like ebay? It might seem to be too good to be true for Ethiopians, but it’s possible to have a card connected to an online account that can actually be used internationally.

As you already know it’s difficult for Ethiopian banks to provide a Credit/Debit card which can be used Internationally. You might have an ATM card that is very similar to a Master or Visa card, but you won’t be able to use it online to send and accept money, nor does it allow you to shop online. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to have such an account & card from Ethiopia, you can always use Payoneer – an online account that offers an ATM card that can be used worldwide, where ever MasterCard is accepted.

What is Payoneer and how can you get it?

Payoneer is a financial services company that provides online money transfer and digital payment services for international customers. And as an account holder, you can send and receive funds in & out of this account, make payment online, withdraw funds to your local bank account or prepaid ATM Master Card. All you need to do is signup for their services and request a card – which will be sent to your address through P.o.Box or DHL(you will need to pay for the service). Here are the steps you need to take to successfully sign up & enjoy the full services of Payoneer. But first, you need to make sure that you have the following information ready.

  1. An active email address that you regularly check for updates – this email will be used as your Payoneer account user name, which you will use to “Signin” into your account or share with friends & clients to accept payments.
  2. A valid photo ID that clearly shows your identity – it’s best if you could have a Passport to provide for approval purposes since all the necessary information is written in English, but you can use a Government-issued ID card or driver’s license.
  3. A postal number that you can have access to – Payoneer sends your ATM MasterCard to the address provided by you when you request the card, so it’s very important that you make sure to provide a P.o.Box number which you or your friends & families can access to get the physical card. You can also request to receive the card through DHL, but it will cost you around 40 USD.
  4. Street address of your location – you can use the name of the roads around your area, and add Street or Road at the end of it.
  5. Local bank account – Payoneer requires a local bank account to be connected to the online account they provide, you can use any of the bank accounts you own in Ethiopia and ask customer support of that bank to provide you their BIC/Swift code or you can search it on google.

How to successfully sign up for Payoneer account

First, go to Payoneer official website and find “SignUp/Register” button and click it. You will have two options, Individual & Company account, choose Individual and fill the required information. You have to be very careful with the date of birth question, the date that you submit for registration should match the date on the Photo ID you are going to submit latter for verification. If you only have a Government ID or Driver license, which only shows dates in Ethiopian calendar, don’t worry about it use that exact date and you can explain the 8-year difference of E.C. to Gregorian calendar to a Payoneer customer support when asked to verify.

The next set of questions will be Contact details, you should take extra precautions when filling this information since it will be used by Payoneer to ship your ATM MasterCard. On the Postal code section, use a postal number that is active and you are going to be able to access it. And also use a valid phone number that can be used to contact you by Payoneer customer support if any issues arise with your online account.

The third set of questions will ask you to provide security details and submit detail information on the photo ID that you are going to submit for verification. The user name will be the email address you used on the first step by default & choose a password that you will remember in the future. On the last registration step, you will be asked to submit your local bank account, this could be CBE, Dashen or any other bank you use in Ethiopia. Most people don’t like to add their bank details online for security issues, but Payoneer is a fully regulated US company that has been in operation since 2005, you don’t have to worry about security & safety of your bank account. However, you can create a new bank account for registration purposes and submit details with BIC code/ Swift code of the bank.

Account review and shipment of your Card

Once you fill all the necessary information and click the “Submit” button your account will be on review by Payoneer. In a few hours or next days, Payoneer will send you an email to notify you that your account is accepted. In the past, an account holder can order a card without any requirements, but nowadays you will need to have 30 USD in your online account to have the option to order a card. It’s not ideal, but you have to take into consideration the cost of preparing a physical ATM card and then shipping it to your address. The 30 USD is not a charge for the card, rather its a guarantee for Payoneer to make profits in the long run from your account. It might seem too difficult for you to have the required amount in your account, it’s not easy to get funds into your Payoneer account, but it’s not difficult either. There are a couple of ways to make that happen, the best way is to work on Freelancing platforms and earn the money. Here some freelancing websites that you can join and earn some money. And you can also ask friends or families who own a Payoneer account to send you the fund to your account – all they need to do is go into their account and enter your email address & hit send. However, the minimum account to account transfer is 50 USD. It’s a small price to pay for a fully working international MasterCard.

Once you have the required fund, go to “Order card” link and check if the shipping address is correct, tick all the boxes and click “ORDER” button. Since Payoneer uses standard international mail it will take about 4 – 6 weeks for your card to arrive. Once you receive your card you have to remember to activate it using the 16 digits on the card, by activating your card you will be able to access your online account through your ATM card and also use the funds inside your account for online payments by using the card number, expiry date, and secret number.

Hope you find this info helpful, if you have questions please feel free to Contact Us, or leave us feedback or a message using the comment section below.

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