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Freelance with WordPress don’t get intermediate by lack of Codding Skills

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The idea of working for yourself and becoming your own boss is such an empowering thought to have, whether you are not meeting your goals with your current nine to five job and want to make extra income or wish to follow your passion, Freelancing can give you the freedom & time to chase your dreams. I remember the days that I started to look for online opportunities, the idea of making money online was so exciting to me that I was spending more time on the internet researching about online opportunities than focusing on my day job, I read every “How to make money Online” article, clicked Ads that promise to change my life in a day, signed up for newsletters and even did Survey & Pay to click jobs on Clixsense.

The internet is like a school, all you need is time to learn what you need to learn

Like everything in life, you will gradually figure out which opportunities are aligned with your skills, interest, and passion. The learning curve for me was shallow, It took me quite some time to understand how things work over the internet & the concept of freelancing in general. Once I got the hold of it, I started focusing more on Freelancing websites, where I could do easy tasks like language localization jobs and make some money, which cemented my belief in the idea that I could make money online and helped me to focus my energy in looking for more opportunities. Throughout my research, almost every blog recommends owning a website, which at that time felt like something I couldn’t do on my own.

I wanted to own a personal website and wanted to have full control over it, but I didn’t have the codding skills & though it was so complicated that it will take me years to develop the skills required to create & manage a fully functional website, Codding was intimidating! Lucky for me I found out about an easy to use blogging platform called WordPress, the web development gurus I came across talked about it like a drag & drop system where I could easily create a website in a few simple steps, and I took them for their word. But when I finally decided to build my first website, things were not as easy as I thought it could be, I didn’t know anything about Domain name, Hosting and WordPress themes.

At that time, I wanted my website to look as professional as it could be and hired a freelancer on Fiverr – a freelance market place where web & graphics designers are available. Working with the freelancer, step by step I began to understand how the system works and realized I could learn by trial & error, the changes I made can be reversed with simple clicks. Once I got the admin login details for my website, I was constantly changing sections of my website just to feel my control over the whole thing. In no time I was comfortable with the Dashboard of the WordPress platform with the exception of Theme Editor button, which I didn’t dare to click for many months to come.

Unfortunately, my first website was a failure, I was too ambitious with the project, back then I had no idea about target audience or user experience, As long as my website looked cool and talked about my interest I was fine with it, worked hard on the content – content that the audience I could bring to my website don’t need or engage with, I wasted so much of my time on that website but learned a lot within 2 months. And when I finally decided that the website was a failure and I should come up with a new website concept, I was confident about my WordPress skils and knew what I was doing. Do you want to have your own blog or learn how to design websites? Don’t get intimidated by the lack of codding skills, WordPress is here for you! Here is how you can set up a website using WordPress.

You will need a Domain name, a name for your website

A domain name is like your administrative autonomy or authority over the internet. Once you registered a specific domain name, that particular name will be yours until the validity period of your payment to the company that provided the service. I always go for .com domains, but you can choose any other extension like .us, .uk, etc ; you will even save some money by doing so. And it’s recommended to choose a domain name that represents the content that your website will deliver for its users. Nowadays since many of the words are already taken by someone else, its difficult to find the exact domain name you wish for, so go with what you can find at the same time consider the connection with the focus of your blog. And most Domain name providers offer free domain name with a web hosting service, it will help you save some money. And if you want to stay anonymous, i.e. if you don’t want people to know who the owner of the Domain name is, you can pay extra and keep the privacy of the domain name.

Your Wordress theme, Blog posts, Pictures or Videos need to be stored, You need a Web Hosting

Web hosting is a kind of storage service that allows you to make your website accessible via the world wide web. So when someone visits your domain name, the files will be served by the Web hosting service provider you purchased it from. The type of web hosting service you choose will have a big impact on the speed of your website and hence your search engine ranking – you want your website to appear on the first page of google search, Don’t you? The slower your website is the harder it gets for your customers(users) to find what they are looking for, so the chances of your website appearing on the first pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines will be slim. When starting out choose the minimum storage and memory available, and increase these specifications as you go along. At some point, if you are able to attract more visitors, you will experience server outage – people won’t be able to visit your site, which will make you upgrade your web hosting and you have to do it. One other thing you need to invest in is WebBackup plan, by which the service provider will save your website files time to time and if your website is hacked or if you accidentally messed up your website, you will be able to recover everything you worked hard for to the last backed up point.

If you want something different, You will need to invest on WordPress theme too

There are many free WordPress themes available at your disposal, once you installed WordPress on your hosting server, In fact, installing WordPress should come before looking for themes to install. Most web hosting service providers will have an easy to navigate the installation process and it’s a straight forward step. Once you installed WordPress, You can go to and log in using your chosen login details, then go to “Appearance” – > “Themes” and you can choose whatever theme you want to use. I personally recommend using a free theme when you are starting out, but If you don’t really like the available free themes, you can find many paid WordPress themes based on category. And sometimes the theme you end up choosing might not have the exact features that you were looking for, in these cases you can hire a freelancer to edit the theme’s code to get the desired features.

Plugins will bring your website to Life, Easy to Install and setup on your site

WordPress Plugins are bits of software that can be uploaded to extend & expand the functionality of your WordPress theme. The theme developers will provide a list of plugins to be installed in order for the theme to function properly, but there are other plugins that you have to install by yourself to add more functionality. For example, the first plugin I always install is called Wordfence – which is a security plugin that will protect your website from possible online threats. Once you get familiar with the backend of your WordPress site, you will start to look for plugins that can give you more functionality.

Menus, Header & Footer, Side Bars, Home Page are Easily Customizable

If you have done the previous steps correctly, the rest is as easy as drag and drop. First, go to youtube and watch a couple of video on how to work with WordPress, you can find a couple of beginner videos that will guide you to navigate the backend Dashboard of your WordPress site. Once you get familiar with the setting for every section of your website, you can tweak menus, logo for your website, header & footer sections, home page look and many more.

Content is the King, It’s what your users will visit your site for, so do your best

The more I get acquainted with websites and freelancing, my idea about how the internet gradually changed. When I first started, I used to think a good website needs very attractive graphics, out of the box Logo and lots of dynamic sections, but along the way, I realized a good website is a website that delivers the product(Content) to a user efficiently. Focusing on your content should be your main priority, the rest is a distraction. Make sure your site is functional and efficient, then work hard on your content. There is no point in designing the most beautiful looking website while compromising speed and functionality, If the users of your website are not able to browse the site they will most probably leave in a few seconds and find what they are looking for on another website. I always look for the simplest designs when I choose a WordPress theme, I check the loading speed of the theme –  you can do this using online software that tests how well the site performs based on several criteria if the demo of the theme loads very slowly, then you will need to look for another theme.

Content is the King, but it really needs Advertising to get respect from your audience

Unless you are very good in search engine optimization(SEO) – a practice used to increase the quality and quantity of your website traffic by increasing the visibility of your website or web page to users of a web search engine, you will need to advertise your website, blog post or videos through Social media, Email list or online ads to get noticed by your audience. You could work hard on creating the best content for your users, but if they don’t know about your content it will be worthless. I use Facebook and Instagram Ads to advertise my content, It’s somehow easier for me on these platforms, but you can advertise on any way you like as long as you can get traffic to your site. Just make sure that its a quality traffic, your ads need to have a target audience. Always analyze the traffic that is coming to your website, you can do this by installing a Google Analytics plugin or connecting your website to Google Analytics platform – for this, you will need to copy an HTML code and paste it in your website. The Analytics will provide detailed information about the users of your website, the country where they are visiting from, which device they are using(Mobile, Desktop, Android, Windows, etc.), which pages of your website they visited and so forth. Analyzing this information will help you create a better content and functionality for your website; you will focus on the content that is getting traffic or you will optimize your website for mobile if most of the visitors are using from mobile devices.

I hope this article was helpful to you in any way, WordPress will help you create a successful blog or a freelancing website that can help you showcase your freelance services, even you can set up an eCommerce( Like ebay, Amazon) website where you can sell items. The platform is versatile thanks to Plugins, all that is required from you is have the interest to learn a few things and apply it to your website. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to help, you can ask questions by commenting below or you can contact me by using “Contact Us” link. Thank You for reading, Good Luck!

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