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Convenient Payment method for a Freelancing Career Payoneer

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The first question that any freelancer asks when starting out is, “How will I get paid?” and it’s natural to worry about the payment before moving forward with the hard work. It was a major issue that I had struggled with when starting out my freelancing career, some clients will offer you a job and they will ask you to wait for a month in order to get paid or they promise to send the money through Western Union. Most clients keep their promises, but not knowing whether you will get paid or not will affect your work ethic and energy, I guess one of the perks of a nine to five job is being able to have a binding contract that assures you that you will get paid.

Trust is very important when working with a new client over the internet

Freelancing locally around the place you live in gives you the chance to meet face to face with the client and agree on payment terms, but when it comes to freelancing online you will need to start trusting people. Trust is very important online, it’s true you might lose your precious time working on a project that you might not get paid in but you can also find a good client for a long term collaboration. Nowadays there are platforms like,, etc that use an escrow system – a financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction, so you are guaranteed to get paid after you submit the project and the client approves it.

Back in 2014, maybe it was because I was new to the whole freelancing thing, I remember working hard on a translation project and clients refusing to pay or not returning to my email after submitting a translation. It could have hindered me from contacting other clients, but I went with my gut in trusting a particular client. After I joined things become easier and I started to worry about withdrawal payment methods, it was quite a transformation for me back then. I am from Ethiopia and there are no online payment methods available, no Credit Cards, Skrill or Paypal, all we have is western union. Which was not feasible for me, because of WU fee.

Payoneer is the best option for freelancer

I started researching about convenient online payment methods for Africa and specifically Ethiopia, That’s when I discovered Payoneer – a financial service company that provides online money transfer, digital payment services and a Master Card that works on any ATM machine across the globe. Currently, there are more than 200 countries that are Payoneer supported list and they offer direct deposit to a local bank account in 150 countries. Payoneer was a lifesaver during my first freelancing years, I was able to withdraw my earnings from freelancing websites to my online account, access the funds via a Payoneer MasterCard and also make online transactions. Over the years Payoneer added many new features to the service they provide, you can now have a separate USD, EURO, or any available currency in your online account, you can send money instantly to another person just by typing their email address(Cool!) and also make extra money by referring others to sign up for the service. Here is why Payoneer is the best and convenient online payment method for freelancers from Africa and countries with limited online financial infrastructure.

Payoneer supports more than 200 countries, Chances are your country is one of them

When it comes to online transactions, the word “Verified” means a lot. A verified payment method is an account in which the owner has verified his identity and address, which will help protect any fraudulent activity while doing online transactions. Every online payment service provider has its own method and steps of verifying an account and if you are from a country that they don’t support, you should look for another alternative or use the service as an unverified customer. Which is not ideal, the reason for that is the amount of money you can hold in that account, the transaction you can make in a month and online platform that you can make a purchase on will be limited. I don’t think there is anything more annoying than holding unverified online accounts, you just don’t know when these financial institutions decide to ask you to verify your account and if you can’t its goodbye to your hard-earned money. It’s for this reason that I like Payoneer, the verification process is straight forward and they accept many forms of Photograph ID as long as it’s in English & your address is clearly written on it. During the signup process, they will ask you to provide the necessary personal details and address – this includes birthdate, validity date of the photo ID and also Postal Code. Once they approve your account they will ship your Payoneer MasterCard to your Shipping address and you will need to activate the card using the 16 Digit number. Though you need an active card to make transactions online or withdraw money from ATM, you can start receiving money as soon as the online account is approved by the Payoneer team – which they will let you know via the Email address you provided. One thing to understand is that there are fees associated with your Payoneer account, you will need to pay 29.95 USD for first time ATM activation of your Card, 1 USD for checking balance or declined transaction using ATM and so forth, but it’s worth it. If you lost your card then you can pay 12.95 USD and they will replace your card with a new one. And they offer online customer support for any inquiries you have regarding your online Payoneer account or MasterCard.

Most Freelancing platforms support Payoneer as a withdrawal method

Payoneer was founded in 2005 and over the years the company gained the trust of notable online companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Upwork, Google which use its services to send mass payouts. Many more online marketplaces work with Payoneer, which makes it a convenient way to withdraw your funds from any of the Freelancing & ad networks, including content creation space like Getty Images. You can even accept payments from individuals and businesses all over the world.

You can link local bank accounts to Payoneer and you can withdraw funds directly to your Bank

I usually use the funds in my Payoneer account for online transactions, but sometimes when I need local currency cash I make withdrawals directly to my local bank account connected to Payoneer, which is very easy and fast. The only downside to this is the currency exchange, which is not great if your local currency is not stable. But still, it’s much better than receiving funds through wire transfer or cheque.

You can make payments to other Payoneer account holders, Free of Charge

The one feature that I always wished Payoneer could include was the ability to send payments between account holders. In the past, it was not possible to make transactions between account holders, you can accept payments from supported companies or other individuals with a US or Europe bank accounts, but not able to send or accept from Payoneer accounts holder. Recently they added the feature and now all you need is the Email address of the account holder to make payments to them. If the person doesn’t have an account, Payoneer will send them an email prompting them to create an account in order to accept the payment. The minimum amount to send is 50 USD and there is a daily transfer limit of 1000 USD, & a monthly of 5000 USD.

Payoneer offers a Mobile app, for both Android and IOS

We are living in an age where a mobile phone is taking over the tasks of any modern personal computer and having a mobile app for instantly checking all your currency and card balances, track all your transactions, receive notifications about key financial transactions, earn rewards by referring friends to Payoneer is everything you could ask from a financial account service provider.

You can earn a reward by referring your friend to Payoneer

As a freelancer, you should try every opportunity to make extra cash, and when this opportunity only requires simply telling your friends about Payoneer, you definitely need to try it out. Once your Payoneer online account is activated you can see “Refer a Friend” link under My Account sections, you will have a personalized dashboard with the ability to share, monitor and track your referrals. In the past Payoneer used to offer 25 USD for both you and your friend, once the referred friend makes a deposit of 100 USD to their account, but now they have increased the deposit to 1000 USD. I did make some money by referring friends, but the increase in the deposit required from a friend made it almost impossible to earn any reward by referring to friends living in Ethiopia.

 Focus on your Freelancing, Payoneer is Secured

Payoneer is a fully regulated US company and its certified at PCI level 1 data security standard, anti-money laundering complaint, and offers fraud detection to all of its customers. Payoneer gives guarantees to security on their website by saying, ” We strictly adhere to a comprehensive set of global payment regulations in order to ensure the financial security of both Payoneer and our account holders, and have partnerships with banking partners and members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)”.

Payoneer provides excellent customer service

Payoneer offers live chat, phone, and email support during working hours and days. Support is available in different languages and Payoneer says in their website that about 30 customer support will be working simultaneously on a typical shift and they will try to resolve inquiries within three business days after receiving a complaint. Personally I found their customer support very professional and helpful, sometimes you will need to wait in line to connect with customer support online, but in the end, you will definitely solve your issues.

You can use Payoneer to accept money from your Shopify Store

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that you can use to build your own online store. Payoneer could help you receive the sales revenue, using global payment services like 2checkout that act as a payment gateway for your store and you can withdraw the funds to Payoneer.

Not everything is Perfect, Things could get bad with Payoneer too

Just like any other online payment processing service, Payoneer will terminate your account or hold funds in your account if they suspect fraudulent activity. For example, you can only have one active Payoneer account at a given time for receiving and accessing payments, if Payoneer finds out that you are managing multiple accounts they will hold your funds and contact you, or if they suspect a fraudulent activity they could freeze your account. The good thing about it is that your account will be terminated, but they will let you withdraw the funds remaining in the account by using your card through ATM.

Overall Payoneer is perfect for freelancers living outside of the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. You might not get the level of service offered by Paypal or Bank issued cards, but it will get your freelancing career moving in the right direction. I was able to appreciate the importance of Payoneer in another level when I got a chance to travel abroad, the card was very helpful in booking a hotel room, reserve a spot on activities around my travel destination and also withdraw local fund of the country I was traveling to. You don’t really need to hold cash while traveling if you have a Payoneer card, you can just pay for meals, services or buy stuff from a supermarket through a POS machine. Even further you can book an air flight ticket online using your card, all you need to do is focus on your freelancing jobs and make the extra cash you deserve. And if you are a hard-working freelancer you could have other freelancers working for you and you can pay them via Payoneer. Awesome! Right? I hope you found useful information about Payoneer If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to Contact Us or write a message below. Thank You for taking the time to read through this article, wish you a successful freelancing career!

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