Sur Construction Plc

SUR Construction P.L.C was established by the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) in 1992 with an initial capital of Birr 108 million as a General Contractor - Grade one (GC-1). SUR Construction PLC is currently leading construction company among the very few local companies capable to undertake international contracts. However, SUR Construction PLC is the only local company who has complected hydropower projects in a JV with world renowned construction companies.

Furthermore, the company is currently constructing the highest Asphalt Concrete Core Embankment Dam in the World located at zarema River in Northern Ethiopia, whereby, the progress of Works is greater than set out targets. Reinforcement concrete structure works of Dam River Diversion and earth fill Cofferdam are already completed with average daily productivity between 400m3 to 500m3concrete placing and 18000m3 to 25,000m3 earth filling respectively. The Company is constructing one barrage on Kalema River in Ethiopia, whereby 96% works are completed. Company has completed largest concrete bridge recently in Ethiopia.

Since its establishment, SUR Construction PLC has accomplished 2 Hydro electric power Projects, 34 Road Projects, 44 various building Projects and 2 Airfields. The total worth of those projects completed to-date is more than Birr 9 billion, whereas, the worth of on-going different construction projects is more than Birr 11 Billion. The company’s annual turn-over for the year 2012-2013 was Birr 1466.57 Million, whereas, turn-over for the year 2013-2014 is expected to be Birr 2,900 million which is almost double that of year 2012-2013.

SUR Construction PLC is owner of 1210 heavy and light duty construction equipment with over 3000 permanent and contract employees and about 7,000 daily laborers. SUR has its own 6 story building in Addis Ababa and a modern workshop and training centre at branch office Mekelle.