Make extra money from a part-time job

Whether you are employed fulltime or are a student with a full course load, there is no reason why you can’t tack on a side hassle to add some cash to your stash. After all, we all could use some extra change to buy a few rounds on TGIF night out.


Hey, this is part of being young and restless, and you need to go through a few of these experiences to build your own impression of the world, accumulate diversified experience, and build your social skills which will come in handy when you will be required to work in a team in a large corporate environment.


In fact, most employers appreciate candidates who have gone through such experiences as opposed to those with protected upbringing and from secluded private schools.


Moreover, your ability to hold a part-time job while in school or add one to your already existing fulltime employment is seen very favorably by hiring companies as they see your industriousness and tenacity which they could use in a demanding work environment.


If you are the industrious type and are looking to get your hands on some side money, here is the scoop on how to land one.


  1. You don’t have to be physically present in the office to hold a part-time job. There are “do at home” projects you can complete on your own time and deliver over the internet. Some examples of these include but not limited to, writing business proposals, blogs, doing the accounting of small companies who can’t afford in house accountant etc.
  2. Find something you really enjoy, and apply to volunteer if there is no vacancy at the moment. This would give you access to decision makers who will upgrade you to a paid status when a position opens up.
  3. Find tutoring work in your field which will also help you to perfect your subject matter knowledge.
  4. And as always, post your resume on job boards and specify your availability for flexible part-time job.


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