I hate my job! What should I do?

If this is how you feel about your job, you may not be alone. This is certainly a difficult position to be in, but you must manage the situation carefully.


If you feel like you are slowly fading at your work, the first thing to do would be to clearly identify what the problem is. 


What do you exactly hate; your awful boss, your annoying co-workers, the company culture? Defining what exactly the issue is will help you pinpoint the problem and find the best solution it.

Once the problem is identified, the next natural step is to assess whether the problem is fixable or the only solution is to leave your job. If the problem is solvable, then there would be no need for any further steps.


If the problem can’t be easily addressed, and the only solution is to leave your job, don’t get up and quit hastily as this can only make you happy for a day or two.


Instead, you need to plan wisely for your “Strategic Exit” as your chances of landing another job are higher while you are employed.


What does a “Strategic Exit” looks like?


The most important aspects of a “Strategic Exit” are highlighted below. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and you need to enrich it with further research before making the decision to leave your position.




  1. Search for the new job discreetly.
  2. Research to see if there are any open positions that match your qualifications before you start sending out CVs and filling out applications.
  3. Give the appropriate notice to your current employer according to your contract, and offer help when needed even if you don’t really mean it.




  1. Burn bridges. You never know when you may need your employer’s good words to advance in your career.
  2. Announce your departure on social media as your future employers will certainly look up your digital footprint before they hire you.
  3. Seek for immediate gratification by announcing it loudly and trying to “get even” with those you hated. In other words, take the high road when you leave.


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