Job board or Job search engine?

For the candidate looking for a position in an advertised vacancy, the difference may not hold much meaning. Nonetheless, understanding the differences can come in handy when a maximum exposure is required for the CV to be posted.


In its simplest form, the main difference between a job board and job search engine is the former is a job “notice board” where CVs from candidates and vacancies from hiring employers are posted. A job search engine, on the other hand, is a system with a sophisticated searching capability that searches advertised positions and resumes on various job boards and match them for the best result.


Both candidates looking for a job and employers looking to hire the right candidate need to consider both options in order to get the maximum exposure for their postings.


Since dealing directly with job search engines for small companies may be cumbersome, it is advised that they consider posting their open positions on job boards such as that have relationships with several job search engines.


Most job boards have a FREE posting policy which candidates and employers can take advantage of for their advertisement needs. As well, the process of opening an account with most of these job boards is fairly easy, and it comes with the benefit of being notified whenever the right job posting appears on the job board.


Open your account for FREE and land your dream job in no time!