Let Employers find you easily

This is easier said than done. We have all gone through the joy of graduation from college or university. Parties, celebrations, sometimes excessively that is then followed by a few days of hungover.


Then reality sets in when you are ready to join the labor market to start earning and make sense of all the all night studying.


Before online job searching resources were available, fresh grads used to rely on friends and relatives to get hooked up with their first job. But for most of us with no such access to a network of well positioned people, our fate was to push and shove fellow fresh grads and other job seekers to peak at advertised vacancies on job notice boards. The job board around Arat Kilo campus comes to mind.


These physical boards have certainly served their purpose, but they have now made way to the more effective, far reaching, and extensive digital channels that can easily give us access to several thousand advertised jobs while they store and present our CVs for potential employers to be found easily.


There are several online job advertisement boards, but most of them are abandoned sites that are cluttered with irrelevant information.


As a strategy to be efficient in your search to land your dream job while you use your time efficiently, follow these simple rules and stick with them whether you are looking for a job or trying to build a career.


Simple rules to follow


  1. Choose a few good sites
  2. Design your CV neatly and update it regularly
  3. Write a personally addressed cover letter
  4. Build an effective profile on professional social networks such as LinkedIn
  5. Register with job boards and job search engines to receive notifications when jobs that match your qualification are advertised.



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