Your next job, delivered on your mobile

Vast telecom infrastructure deployment and the fast adoption of smartphones has encouraged technology companies to increase their investment in Ethiopia to design solutions that answer critical questions on the ground.


One very important aspect of this problem solving approach to product and services design is to understand how today’s digital natives consume information, be it entertainment, career advancement trainings, or transacting with their bank.


With the increased urbanization and the acute desire to remain relevant in a fast paced economy, citizens continue to seek ways of advancing their lives through different efforts. While some seek employment in the public service and private sectors, others look to their entrepreneurship strength to take more risks for a deferred larger reward.


Still, it’s only natural for people in the work force to continuously look for career advancement, and employers are advised to expect it. This can take the form of part-time employment, change jobs with in the same sector, or completely shift industries and take on a new assignment for the sake of a renewed challenge and the personal betterment that can come with it. Education is also one way of constantly improving and securing insurance for one’s continuous desirability in a fast changing labor market.


Whatever the plan, an organized professional can easily plan to go after the desired career advancement strategy simply from a mobile phone. With some very worthy career advancement services delivered through the internet, all one needs to keep an eye on the many job opportunities in the market is to have a mobile device with reasonable internet connection.  


With more than 55 million mobile phone users in Ethiopia, and most expected to subscribe to mobile broadband services by 2020 compared to just 14 million today, one can expect much improved mobile driven services in Ethiopia. will serve as your mobile career advancement platform, and will travel the distance with you throughout your journey to build a fulfilling life.


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